About Chris & Leïla

Travel bloggers, writers & image makers

We are bilingual French & English

We don’t know how you ended up here, but we are really glad that you are here anyway.

We only live once, allegedly … It’s a big, beautiful world out there and we aim to see as much of it as possible before it gets dark.

We aim to inspire people to get on their Macs (wot, there are other computers…) and book a ticket to some fabulous destinations, get curious, get inspired, fulfil your dreams.

We are really passionate about travel, seeking out those places that the tourists rarely, or never get to and we love to write, make videos and photograph the fabulous places we get to see.

Why ‘Two Frogs Travel?” Well, Leïla is French and Chris, originally English, is French too, so we are a couple of frogs and we travel – logical isn’t it… oh, yeah, and we are based near the beautiful city of Toulouse in South West France.

Leïla works in marketing and Chris is a corporate trainer and published author, when they are not travelling, but don’t let that put you off.

We have both been travelling since we were kids and now that we are big kids the fire of travel passion is burning more brightly than ever.

Munnar On top of the world 3

What we love

We love culture, history, traditions, fine food, unusual food, great places to stay, landscapes, seascapes, lunch & dinner with a view, endless beaches, the shade of coconut palms, the buzz and hubbub of the city, the quiet of the mountains, the crash of the sea and so much more – but what we love the most is sharing this with others as we hop across the globe.

Looking for Something Professional?

Look no further, drop us a line and start a conversation with us.

We write copy in French and English, we take fabulous videos and photographs to share our travels with others.

Drop us a line by email

Start a conversation with us, we are really friendy and would love to hear from you.


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